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T&N Plumbers provides a full-service bathroom and shower renovations in Johannesburg. We offer a wide range of services, from little cosmetic adjustments to major structural upgrades, all with the goal of perfection in mind. We have a proclivity to work with you and your budget in order to produce the desired results.

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When it comes to bathroom plumbing, T&N Plumbers has the experience and qualified plumbers who can do high quality bathroom and shower renovations in Johannesburg when you need us the most. Our experienced plumbers can perform bathroom plumbing repairs as well as entire bathroom installations.

With our highly qualified staff of professional plumbers and technicians, we have the experience and expertise to handle all of your bathroom and shower renovations plumbing needs. All of our plumbers and experts are certified and continuously trained to the highest degree. In addition, our plumbers adhere to strict health and safety regulations in South Africa.
After our pleasant and expert plumbers have completed plumbing or renovation works, we always make sure that your bathroom fixtures are in good working order.

T&N Plumbers provides free quotations and estimates for all bathroom and shower renovations in Johannesburg, with no hidden charges. In addition, all of our bathroom renovation services include high-quality materials. Despite the high quality of the materials used, we endeavor to keep all of our services as low-cost as possible to fit your budget. For a free quote or estimate on all of your bathroom plumbing and remodelling needs, contact our plumbing specialists now.

The water mains must be turned off before our plumbers can install your new bathroom suite. Our plumbers will begin safely dismantling the old bathroom suite after the water has been switched off. All other items in the existing bathroom will be removed, including curtains, rugs, and window blinds.

To ensure that everything is new, existing water pipes and taps will be replaced with modern and new water pipes and taps. Additionally, while our plumbers do your bathroom remodelling service, all electrical connections will be removed to create a safe working environment.

Our plumbers and technicians will always maintain a clean and orderly workplace. In addition, by keeping their shoes clean and their tools organized, our plumbers will ensure that no mess is generated in other areas of the house.


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bathroom and shower installations and renovations in johannesburg

Rest confident that our bathroom and shower renovations services in Johannesburg are of the highest quality. Bathroom renovations and bathroom plumbing repairs and installations in Johannesburg are something we’ve done for years. The majority of our customers can attest to our excellent bathroom remodelling and plumbing services. Get a free quote from our plumbers that specialize in bathroom and shower renovations in Johannesburg.

Your bathroom is a vital component of your home that is used on a daily basis. While performing new bathroom and shower installations or renovations , our plumbers take the essential precautions to protect your bathroom. After our plumbers have remodelled and completed all of the plumbing repairs and installs, you will have a better bathroom experience

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