Geyser Installations and Repairs in Johannesburg

Our team of professionals is available to provide professional advise and recommendations on which geyser type, size, and style is best for your house and usage needs. When we supply and install a Kwikot geyser, the manufacturer automatically provides you with a 5-year warranty.

All of your geyser installations and repairs needs must be handled by a licensed plumber. Installing a geyser on your own can result in a geyser that isn’t in good working order. In addition, a geyser that has been installed by someone who is untrained might cause harm or even death. Instead, contact our expert plumbers to ensure that your geyser is built correctly. To properly install a geyser according to South African plumbing standards, there are several critical measures to take. In addition, for every geyser installed or repaired in your home, all of our plumbers and electricians can supply you with a plumbing and electrical CoC. Our plumbers will make sure you never run out of hot water.

A leaking, burst, or frigid geyser is particularly inconvenient since it occurs at inopportune times. We at T&N Plumbers are well aware of this, and as a result, we are well equipped and supplied to handle any emergency involving a leaky, burst, or cold geyser in the Johannesburg and surrounding areas, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Before we repair or replace your burst or leaking geyser or components, we will always check the warranty validity, and if a warranty claim is required, we will gladly assist you with the process.

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Geyser Burst Diagnosis

Geysers are complex systems that necessitate the knowledge and experience of professional installers in order to be installed safely. We are delighted to be Gauteng’s most recommended firm for gas and solar geyser installations, repairs, and maintenance.

Looking at the pipes that extend from your roof outdoors to see big volumes of water coming from them might help you determine whether or not you have a burst geyser. If there is water coming from your roof and it is chilly, you may have a burst pipe or a damaged valve, both of which are frequent in Johannesburg. However, if the water is warm, you have a typical burst geyser. It would be prudent, to turn off your geyser’s water mains and power supplies.

Problems with hot water are the most prevalent symptom of an issue with your Geyser. Most water heaters hold between 150 and 200 liters of hot water, but as mineral deposits form around the heating element, less and less heat reaches the water, and the supply of hot water decreases.

The repeated heating of the Geyser eventually causes it to leak, or the element itself needs to be replaced. Geyser that makes a lot of noise

The most common indicator of a problem with your Geyser is a lack of hot water. Most water heaters store 150 to 200 liters of hot water, but as mineral deposits accumulate around the heating element, less and less heat penetrates the water, reducing the amount of hot water available.

The Geyser will eventually leak due to repeated heating, or the element will need to be replaced. a geyser with a lot of noise


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