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T&N Plumbers (Pty) Ltd is a full blown professional plumbing business in Johannesburg and has been providing high quality plumbing services  in Johannesburg at reasonable rates since it was founded by Themba Nyoni in 2014. We have learned a lot of valuable plumbing business lessons over the years especially about integrity and diligence in rendering our high quality plumbing services to our clients as we are building our professional plumbing business in Johannesburg from the ground up. From humble beginnings, we now provide best  plumbing services in Johannesburg to clients from a wide radius of operations across Gauteng. Our response time, work ethic, and utmost service quality have allowed us to become the preferred plumber of choice by many of our clients. 

Our flexibility allows us to become the most efficient and well-informed professional plumbing business in Johannesburg on trends, solutions to unique plumbing challenges and allows us a large margin of proactivity which we use by alerting and sharing useful plumbing tips with our clients on key issues to avoid any plumbing disasters. 

We are constantly evolving our professional plumbing services offer in Johannesburg by continual staff training and bettering all benchmarks by addressing the customers and merchants with the sole purpose of guaranteed solutions. 

How Do We Work-Quality Plumbing In Johannesburg 

Our typical work routine commences with the design and costing of projects from the installation of plumbing infrastructure to handing over of complete, quality plumbing.

T&N Plumbers as a professional plumbing business in Johannesburg provides turnkey maintenance solutions for your home. We specialise in plumbing and solar geyser installation services, that include maintenance, new installations and construction pipe layout for home, industrial and commercial applications. 


Professional Plumbing Business In Johannesburg Commitment To You

As a fast growing professional plumbing business in Johannesburg we will strive to diagnose your challenge accurately and fast to solve your plumbing challenge quickly with accuracy. We offer a “one-stop, turnkey service solution” for plumbing, and solar geyser needs. We understand very well when you are faced with emergency plumbing needs you will need a professional plumbing business in Johannesburg to help you accuracy, dignity, speed and affordably so that is why we will provide the most effective and cost-saving solutions to your, plumbing, and solar geyser needs to work within your planned budget. We will utilise our extensive knowledge and a high level of communication skills to keep you informed throughout the process by our helpful, experienced staff.

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