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The Most Reliable Emergency Plumber in Johannesburg

T&N Plumbing is the most reliable emergency plumber in Johannesburg, as the most efficient plumber near you, we will provide you with peace of mind in times of any plumbing emergency either at home or at your workplace. We provide the best plumbing service at an affordable cost to you. Click any button to get in touch with us or call us to get the best professional plumbing service near you.

Quality Work Through Dedication

We pride ourselves on excellent plumbing service results with many happy clients.  Our most important value is that we believe our best plumbing job is the one we still have to do so that pushes us to constantly improve from our last job well done. 

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Plumbing disasters can happen at any moment. Whenever you are in need of a reliable 24-hour emergency plumber in Johannesburg you can rely on us to rescue you from any kind of disaster. This can range from as simple as drain cleaning to urgent jobs like blocked toilets or burst pipes or geyser flooding your residence. You certainly need a professional plumber in Johannesburg who can be trusted for same-day plumbing service in Johannesburg. When there is no time to waste, call us for 24/7 emergency plumbing repair in Johannesburg

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Leak Detection

Plumbing leaks in Johannesburg are very hard to detect until it is too late. If you suspect a slow or hidden leak somewhere on your plumbing reticulation, please call us to fix it for you before it turns out to be a huge disaster that will cost thousands of rands.

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Geyser replacement and Installation

Like everything else geysers in Johannesburg have a lifespan and usually people do not take this into consideration until it is too late. If you find yourself faced with an ageing geyser that is constantly giving you complaints, call us to replace it for you. Our plumbing technicians in Johannesburg will go the extra mile for your satisfaction.

Generator Set

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Broken sewer lines in Fourways can be a nuisance and health hazard caused by mysterious bad odours with no origin. Undetected these can attract sudden infestations of flies and mosquitoes due to swamps of rotten sewage spillages. Our professional plumbers in Johannesburg will gladly solve this mystery for you, just give us a call we will be there in a flash.

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Domestic Plumbing Installations

Are you breaking ground building a house, office or installing a new bathroom or kitchen? Let our plumbers help you with installing quality plumbing in Johannesburg that will last longer saving you money in the long run.

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Plumbing Maintenence Contracts

There are unlimited benefits in entering a maintenance agreement with a professional plumber in Johannesburg. This ensures that there is a constant professional charged with finding issues before they even manifest into real issues which minimizes damage spend and regulates the longevity of your plumbing system. T&N Plumbers will inspect your plumbing on a regular basis to ensure that there is no leaking, rusting, wear and tear, and more.

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Water Supply and Bathroom renovations

We are experts on water supply regulations and pressure balancing in Johannesburg and we help with renovations on bathrooms from single households to residential complexes and commercial buildings and sites. we ensure that your project is accomplished within the set timelines and we always prevent you from going over budget.

Residential Services

We provide general and specific plumbing services in Johannesburg for all kinds of residencies, from a small bachelor flat to a mansion all the way to complex developments.

Commercial Services

Our Commercial plumbing services in Johannesburg cater for special needs of our commercial clients and we ensure that your property is well maintained to avoid unnecessary disasters that can disrupt the flow of business.

Construction Services

We have vast experience and knowledge of pipe laying in complex construction projects and their plumbing needs.

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We guarantee all of our workmanship for a minimum of 12 months. We pride ourselves with the best service and the most efficient quality and satisfactory results.

Safe & Secure

Safety and security of our operatives is critical as much as the safety and security of our clients. We make sure our work protects the dignity of our clients.

24x7 Support
24x7 Support

We provide emergency plumbing service to all clients in Johannesburg. 

Cost Saving
Low Cost

Our services are some of the most affordable plumbing service in Johannesburg. We quote you on what is needed to accomplish your project.

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